Tenryu TF32TA

I just got my much anticipated TF32TA to go along with my TF39TA and TF39. It is as short collapsed as the Anglo and company Kowasa. It feels like is will be easy to cast at all 3 lengths :2.8/3.0/3.2m. It is not stiff for having such short sections. Fit and finish is what you would expect for tenryu. I’m anxious to give it a try when runoff subsides.


I’ve cast it in the yard but haven’t fished it yet. I tried it out with the Fujino Straight Line I got in from Dragontail. I really like the rod so far. It casts very well especially at the middle length. It feels like a baby TF39TA. I think it could handle a larger fish with no problem at the longer length, which you probably aren’t going to run into fishing the streams it’s good for, but if you hit an alpine lake I don’t think you’ll have a problem with larger fish.


Where can we purchase this tenkara rod? Thank you in advance for your help.

I pre ordered it from Keiichi at Tenkara ya. You can either contact him through Facebook or through tenkaraya.com. You could also order from Platt, but I like giving the business to Keiichi.


Thank you, Chris. This rod looks awesome.

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I really like it so far. A bit tip heavy at the longest end, but choking up a bit makes it less. I feel like the longest end will be the least used anyway. The two Tenryu zoom rods together cover a lot of water from tiny streams to larger rivers. They are also very tough rods. I’ve caught a ton of fish on the tf39ta and landed some really nice sized fish and I’m confident in their ability to target larger fish if wanted.

I did the same thing…Tenkara-ya. I did get notified from PLAT that they had them as well.

I’ve caught some nice fish on the 39TA as well. The TF 39 will bend deeply but I’m confident with both of them.

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I put some #3 level line on it and did some casting and wow it casts far better than the Fujino line. I probably should have started with that, but wanted to play with the Fujino.

Nice! I’m delinquent. I need to get it out.

Finally got mine out a couple weeks ago.

Part 1

CORRECT FILE - First time fishing the Tenryu TF32TA


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