Testing out my new Riverworks Tenkara ZX2

Took my new ZX2 out for two days this weekend and broke it in. I have been on the fence with this rod since it’s inception. I like the new changes and hit the PayPal button. Hahaha. I bought the rod with the intent of using it for its intended purpose, “tactical nymphing”. I hit my local warm water river for some testing. Day one I used a double dropper rig with a kebari style fly up top and a size 13 perdigon dropper. Sensitivity is top notch and the carbon fiber grip transmits the bite ( and bottom) beautifully. I caught sunfish, spotted bass, and white bass. Rod handled bass to 2 lbs no problem. Rod has some backbone to it as expected from its design purpose. Small fish were still fun, but handled easily. Day two I decided the rod needed it’s first true test! Took it to my secret big fish honey hole and caught some nice fish. Bass, freshwater drum , channel catfish, and carp were all landed. In the right hands this rod is very capable. Largest fish was a 4-5lbs carp on 4lbs tippet. Don’t just think nymphing though. The rod cast a 3.5 level line great! Very versitale in my opinion. At the end of the day I felt the rod was proven nicely and gave it a rest. Used my Tenkarabum 36 to finish off the day and caught what I would guess to be a 4-5lbs Bowfin on a black killer bugger and 4lbs tippet! All the fish were caught on a killer bugger on day two. Great weekend of fishing! ZX2 is a fantastic rod and build! Riverworks is on something special.


Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering about this rod and its characteristics.Great job Robb and the
pictures are great. How long did it take to receive the rod from the time you ordered it?

I received it in less than a week, they state on their site that you should allow 7-10 days for delivery since rods are made one at a time. They offer the ZX2 with the carbon handle blank choices of silver or black. They also offer the ZX2 hybrid with a carbon/fiberglass grip in multiple colors, and now a glass fiber grip model. Nice line up and great product. It is truly a custom tenkara rod in a world of me too rods.

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Cool stuff Jeff, quite a spectrum of fish species.
You mentioned different grip material options.
Do they all have the same shape?
That grip shape is different. How do you like it?

Looks like the basic grip shape is the same on all models they just differ in materials used to make them. I like the grip shape.

Thanks Jeff.

I have to confess, I now own both color options. You can not go wrong with either. The matte silver is a great finish option! As always the Riverworks quality and finish is top notch. One day it’s the blacked out stealth version, the next is the sexy silver. I highly recommend this rod.

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I know the rod was made for tactical nymphing but have you tried others flies, wet, dry, etc…

Sorry for the late reply! I’ve been extremely busy with work and have not kept up with my forums…lol. I have fished multiple flies, traditional tenkara style, nymphing, etc. very versatile "all around " style rod. Obviously excells at nymphing. Will do most things tenkara in a pinch.