Thank you Stephen

Thank you Stephen. Your gift reached Russia and not only reached (as for the first time). I received the parcel. Thank you very much!


You don’t have to thank me. I never sent goods to Russia. It was an interesting experience. For those who are interested. My first attempt was through Amazon. I just sent the goods bought through the Amazon to Vladimir, but the parcel was rejected by customs. I talked to Amazon, they noted that 50% of shipment success, and there is no rhyme to success. Peder sent his package through USPS … so my second attempt was under his direction. It worked!!!

Ты не должен благодарить меня. Я никогда не отправлял товары в Россию. Это был интересный опыт. Для тех, кто заинтересован. Моя первая попытка была через Amazon. Я просто отправил купленный через Амазонку товар Владимиру, но посылка была отклонена таможней. Я разговаривал с Amazon, они отметили, что 50% успеха отгрузки, и нет рифмы к успеху. Педерсен этот пакет через USPS … так что моя вторая попытка была под его руководством. Это сработало!!!


Stephen, you are awesome.

Cool. If the lines are the same as Stephen sent to me - the white line is 65# spiderwire invisibraid, the yellow line 80# spiderwire stealth line.

Years ago I did some line experimenting with some insanely high pound test line, 60#, 80#, 100# , and higher test Calcutta ultra-braid. The high test line was needed just to get line that had enough weight and a large enough diameter to be able to cast it. Lower pound test line was very light weight, it was line trying to cast tippet. I happen to have a spool of 80# Calcutta UB on my desk, which states it is 80#, 20 lb diameter. Dia. .019 in / .480 mm. [Japanese 8 号 line is .470 mm.]

It was ok to fish with, but the braid picked up a lot of water if allowed to rest long in the water, and it is hollow braid, it tends to become flat after being handled for a while. It is a bright yellow line making it very visible, which was the main reason I tried it. I also made some taper lines with it. I think my casting skill has increased a lot since then. It might be worth trying it again, with lower pound test, but it also become very thin at lower pound test rating.

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Hahaha. Thanks man. I am wired to do what I say I am gonna do, which these days is odd.

Granted sometimes its a slow boat for me to deliver, but i do get it done.



This stuff is dyneema which floats and seems to shed water.

I tried an experiment the other day and took a heat gun to the line. I was able to shrink the line down 20%…but in some cases I melted it to the point it stretched and broke. I probably need to find an ideal heat setting. I also have been thinking of adding a floatant to the line in strategic places to see if I can play with lightly weighing the line or changing its properties. As in making it heavier in some sections…like enhancing the weight of the widest part of the taper…or closer to the end…like a shooting head. There is a product I bought called otterbutter for furled lines that probably could be used for this purpose. The thought being…in wind, I could tune the line for a better result…academic at this point.

Check out my recent entry in the forum about my season with spiderwire.

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Interesting idea that is used by some tenkara anglers. The Discover Tenkara guys have written about one of the well-known Japanese tenkara anglers, Hirata-san or Kazuyuki Yamata-san (the latter I think), that fishes with a horse-hair line that do something similar.

Mostly they cast & fish with the line kept off the water, but when they want to make the line heavier they will drop the line into the water to pick up added water weight and thereby change the characteristics of the line or later make several false cast to shake the water out of the line thereby making the line lighter again. Kind of like changing the line without changing the line as they go along.


I started adding floatant a while back when I saw Dr. Marvin Williams doing this to his tippet and fly line He would sparingly add it on and then wipe off any excess. I started doing the same thing because Marvin was light years ahead of me in skill and knowledge. He would also gently stretch out the first 40 feet of his fly line before fishing. I started doing this with the level line. Marvin was taught fly fishing by the famous Joe Brooks. I figured they knew a heck of a lot more than I did at the time. I’m not sure if it really helps in tenkara but I do it out of habit and respect to Marvin and his mentor.

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