Thank you

I just want to thank everyone who participates in the forum. You make this place what it is. Because of you we’ve seen a 35% increase in page views in the past month. That means people are finally learning about the forum and learning more about tenkara and fixed line fishing. This is really amazing. Thanks to all who have made donations to keep this site running for the next year. I am amazed at your generosity to someone you’ve never met. Thank you.



I would also like to tack on a huge thank you. Not only have I learned a tons during a period of being a Tenkara sponge, I am really grateful for the attitudes of everyone involved.
People have been open minded, engaged, responsive, and there has been no drama. I have been on a ton of other fishing related forums and this is the first I have found where people are consistently respectful.


@Peder, I think we all owe you a big thank you. This site is an invaluable resource for anyone who is interested in Tenkara. It doesn’t matter if they are new to the sport or have tons of experience. There is always something to learn here and always people willing to share.