Thank you

I just wanted to thank everyone of you who have joined and participated in the forum. A few of days ago we passed the one month mark that the forum has been online and it would not have been possible without everyone here who has participated.

Additionally, earlier today we passed the 1000 tweet mark on Twitter; something that’s no small feat in itself. Again, this is something that has been made possible by everyone who has participated here. It has been a great resource to spread the word about tenkara to a greater audience. I hope that you have been enjoying your time here and hope to see you around for a long time to come.

Thank you.



Congrats and thanks for the hard work to get this up so quickly.

Cool. How many people have created accounts for the forum?
I would guess there also may be a number of people who look at the forum who do not join.

There are currently 44 registered users on the site with 41 actively using the site. We’re averaging 2400 unique page views per day, with 1900-2000 of them being anonymous and it’s increasing weekly. The other really amazing thing is that of the page views, on average, only 50 per day are from web crawlers.