Thanks Peder - Thread closing - and ironic LOL

I was going to say thanks Peder, on my thread about thread closing. But I’d been out of the country and offline for a few weeks until yesterday.

And the thread had closed…

Still LMAO



I’m new to the 10Color Tenkara Forum, so I’m curious as to why threads get closed at all. I Founded and Moderate a discussion forum (non-fishing type forum) since 2005 and members of my forum still search for topics that were brought up and started way back then. Same approach should be used here.

Resolute Tenkara

There are two different ways to approach this topic and neither one is “right” or “wrong”, just different ways to look at it.

As long as people continue posting in a topic, it will stay open. One idea behind this is that it stays current and relevant to users. Additionally, we’ve seen in the forum here and I’ve seen documented elsewhere (don’t have the data to hand right now), that most users do not use the search feature when looking for a topic related to what they want to discuss. They will scroll through the most recent topics and if they don’t see what they’re looking for, will start anew.

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