Thanks Peder!

Today I received my 10 Colors Tenkara neck gaiter. But there was a surprise…9 kebari too! They look too good to use!
Peder, thank you so much.


My pleasure, Nick. It makes me happy to know you enjoy them that much! I hope you fish with them.

Everyone got something a little different. I just chose randomly and didn’t even look at what went into each package. After that, I randomly chose a box and put it into the envelope, wanting it to be as random as possible.

Based on what I see there, you happened to get some of my favorites.


I also received a selection of flies, with my buff, and I cant wait to put them to use! The buff is already seeing use, albeit not while tenkara fishing as our tailwaters are all blown out right now.

Thanks so much Peder!


Peder, thank you very much, I received a gift. Special thanks for the set of flies. Very interested in the green hook, where do you order these?

Педер,большое спасибо,подарок получил.Отдельное спасибо за набор мух.Очень заинтнресовал зелёный крючок,где такие заказываешь?


Мне нравятся эти зеленые крючки, они очень острые и очень крепкие. Я заказал их у Ракутена у этого продавца. У них также есть некоторые синие, которые мне очень нравятся и которые очень хороши. (Я также поделился сайтом Owner Hook.)

Зеленые крючки - (Owner OHマス競技用)
Голубые крючки - (Owner OH渓流)

I like those green hooks, they are very sharp and very strong. I ordered them from Rakuten at this seller. They also have some blue ones that I like a lot and are very good. (I have also shared the Owner Hook website.)

Green Hooks - (Owner OHマス競技用)
Blue Hooks - (Owner OH渓流)


Thanks, I liked them too.

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For anyone interested, I’m guessing that you could also get them from Keiichi at tenkaraya.