The Art Of Casting Level Line Video


Fantastic video. Ive watched it several times over the last year and its really helped my ability to comfortably cast very light lines. The 2nd video is also great. Probably the best info out there on improving technical casting skill.

Ryan, thank you so much for your response and input. The video gives insight on why Tenkara rod grips have the double hump design that most of them have - with the forward grip (index finger on the rod blank in front of the grip and the butt of the grip anchored against the forearm) the rod automatically stops @ 90 degrees on the back cast and keeps the tip from going too low to get a Fly First delivery every time on the fore cast. With your finger on the blank, you can really feel the rod Load on the fore cast as well. Thanks again…Karl.

I grabbed my Oni III and small plate and went outside for awhile. Very helpful tips.