The Crackleback

I recently wrote a few blog posts about the Crackleback. When I was searching my gear for a fly to photograph the first one I found was in a box of tenkara flies containing mostly Kebari. I have fished this fly for many years and enjoyed a lot of success with it. When I started discovered tenkara, the pattern seemed like a natural choice. It has worked very well for me. Has anyone else fished them using tenkara methods?


I’ve seen the Crackleback mentioned two or 3 places recently.
First place was here, which has a good video showing how to tie it :

Just read that post. Sums things up nicely. I share many of Jason’s thoughts on this fly.

Thanks for sharing this @PanfishOnTheFly - I just saw your tweet about it. This is a great fly and as Jason shared, it works great for trout too. This was one of the first flies I learned to tie after the wooly bugger. It’s always interesting how older fly styles see a resurgence in popularity at different times.