The feather heist

If you have not listened to this podcast…do it. It is great.
It touches on all our ailments…as it is more or less about flyfishing culture gone completely haywire.

Sound familiar???

Over dedication to historical accuracy.
Secret society.

Great, great stuff. You can listen to it on your drive to work…or sit in your easy chair and listen while you tie up some flies.


I thought that someday it will happen
It is a sad incident
I think that it is an unforgivable incident

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I agree, what is interesting, the thief got a slap on the wrist. This is a case where it could be argued both parties are to blame. The thief for being corrupt and the museum for not protecting their priceless resources better. From the sound of it, the museum may have had what I would consider a substandard home alarm system. The alarm must have been a visual only and not tied into any local law enforcement.

Here is the written version of the podcast. I wonder if it is helpful to you.

the Podcast interviews Kirk Wallace Johnson the writer of the “Feather Thief” which is based on the heist.

It covers all his research and interviews with all involved. Very interesting. A window to the why and shares a lot of parallels to some of the passion driving some in our tenkara world. Not saying its apples to apples but it is interesting how there are nuances that are strikingly similar.

The book is fantastic. I listened to the audiobook version on a long drive from north Florida to western North Carolina on the way to do some fishing last Fall, and was absolutely engrossed. Had never heard of a Resplendent quetzal in my life, yet it all made sense… I highly recommend it.

Thanks for sharing I’ll have to check it out!