The Master Angler by Phil Rabideau

This book has nothing in it about Tenkara fly fishing as it was published in 2004. It also has very little information on fly fishing in general. But it serves as a guide to better fishing regardless of your present skill level. Its based on taking the guess work out of lure selection and tells you everything you need to know about fish and why they act in the ways that they do. I have tested Rabideau’s Color Technology theories on flies that I have tied for several years now, and fished them against angling friends using the same old practices I used to use: The results, on average, were better than 5 to 1 fish caught ratios using the Color Technology Recommendations found in this book. I have a whole fly fishing book library on a wall in my den, and I learned more from this book that has helped me catch fish than I did from all the rest of those books, combined! Here is a link to where The Master Angler can be bought:

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You can find some really great books on tenkara here.

If you do a little digging, you can find a couple that have been summarized in English.

As far as western fly fishing goes, I’ve read many books on the topic and have found not one to be the real best book.

I’ve actually had favorite books that really helped me that weren’t even about fly fishing but applied to fly fishing?

They hit the sweet spot.

At an advanced level of experience, one book just doesn’t do it, especially with a subjective skill such as fishing.

When I started out, books on casting dynamics were my best favorites then fish behavior then tying and rod making…

As I advanced in skill, every book became my favorite because all the books behind it combined with experience were pieces of the puzzle.

All the books made the picture.

So within that link above, that’s my picture of tenkara.

There are English books on tenkara that are ok. I can think of two but naming them to start paints a different picture of tenkara having my experiences. I would rather suggest the way I would approach an experienced fly fisher, the Japanese tenkara book to start with.

For some of the experts in fly fishing learning tenkara type readers at this tenkara web site, if you are interested in Japanese style fly fishing, the below link is a great start.

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