The new Dragontail Tenkara 360 (Kokoro) rod

I recently saw a review by Dr. Tom Davis testing the new Kokoro 360 cm tenkara rod. It seemed like he really enjoyed this new rod and it felt like a premium Japanese rod. Please look at his review for all the details because he gave the rod very high praises. If you are interested in a new rod you might want to consider this rod. It is available for pre-order and hopefully will be available sometime in August.
If Tom really likes a rod, you know its got to be awesome. There is only person that has tested more rods than Tom and that is God, so you can trust his recommendation.


I’m really happy to see the direction of new rods coming from US brands. Light and soft rods are my favorite, but the best of these rods have been difficult to acquire due to barriers like importing, price, and availability.

Looking forward to trying out the Kokoro sometime.

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“My collection is complete” - Guenther, early 2024


Haha, you caught me shopping.

Hopefully I can sit this one out. Should any of the Seattle area anglers pick one up I’d love to take it for a spin.

I keep saying the same thing and somehow I always manage to purchase another rod. I think I have reached the level of addiction at this point. Maybe I will start up (TA ) Tenkara Anonymous and develop the 10 step program.


Many of us would like to see you develop that program. :wink: