The old kebari pattern "Ant?"



Explanatory text・・・赤漆=Akashitu Red-lacquer

A kebari pattern that showed mosquitoes sucking blood and becoming red

Evolutionary form “Akadama Port Wine” … Nickname

Explanatory text ”4段朱蚊頭針”・・・name

4 red beads

血丸毛鉤, blood circle kebari ?
Like a band of red color for a hot spot?

I recall seeing a year or so ago a kebari tied with black thread body, but with the middle, waist area, wrapped with red thread. It was said that imitated a species of ant that had the same color combination.

丸=bead・・・・・・・this is red bead fly

In the fly pattern


Size is the same Hook # 16 ~ 18

About 100 years ago pattern collection( photo)

昭和四年・・・Issued in 1929
卸部・・・Commercial illustrations and photo Collection

Same type beads kebari