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Hasu-kebari「ハス毛鉤」Hook #18~20

It is the result of an effective color combination for fishing

Please look :smile:



They are still part :scream:

kebari is not only white, black, brown
Color combination is also fun

Beautiful kebari, But I couldn’t tie flies that small.

I have been watching the new Tsuribito DVD - New Tenkara Tactics. I was kind of surprised to see Ajari-san’s kebari box had several tenkara kebari tied with a shade of green color similar to the color of the 13th, and 14th kebari, counting down from the top. Some with green bodies, some with green heads.

Maybe this Yoshikazu Fujioka web-page about Ayu Kebari, and fishing would be of interest.
Note the middle kebari are Katsuoka Kebari, as mentioned in the other forum thread about hazu-kebari.

My Best Streams Ayu Kebari (Kabari)

Effective patterns made in the production areas throughout the country were announced

These are the patterns that have been selected by the real fishing :wink:

I think this might fit the theme here.
リバーリバイバル研究所 , River Revival Institute
32th トキの落とし羽 幻の加賀毛バリ発見録。

- Kaga fly-discovery record

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