The Star Hiroji YouTube Channel

One of his videos caught my attention this morning.
ロングラインテンカラ実釣!新作毛鉤フィールドテスト!Long line tenkara real fishing! New kebari field test.

I think it grabbed my attention because of the recent DT videos about fishing with long lines of 9m, and recalling Dr. Ishigaki’s diagram showing the 4 standard line lengths he fishes with, that is seen in the video from the Catskills, Tenkara in the Land of Little Rivers. The video when he addressed the group during his visit to the UK. And it’s in his books, and on a few websites. Showing lines from 4m to 9m.

In some of Star Hiroshi YTC videos he is fishing with a 10m line + 1m tippet. Using a 4 or 4.5m rod. Or at least that is what it says on the videos, but except for his first uploaded video, that was uploaded July 28th, wherein he used a 3.6m Daiwa Expert Tenkara rod. The rod used in his other videos looked like the same rod to me. But sometimes the text says 4m rod, and in other videos the text says 4.5. Whatever the case. I believe the 4 m rod is a Daiwa Mainstream Tenkara 40LT rod. [ダイワ 本流テンカラ40LT 竿]

I found many of his videos interesting (he has only uploaded 12 videos, the newest one uploaded today)
Interesting topics, and his on screen text makes it easy for me to learn new Japanese fishing phrases. Simple statements in large font.

I suspect he is having a bit of word play fun with the nick-names of two of the better known Japanese tenkara masters.
Dr. Ishigaki, often called the Tenkara King or Great King. テンカラ大王. And Masami Sakakibara, aka Tenkara no Oni or Tenkara Demon or just Oni.

Star Hiroshi is スターひろじ .
But the on screen text of his videos has the following two names:
スター☆ひろじ and
テンカラ大魔王 , which seems to be a combination of both Dr. Ishigaki’s and Masami’ s nick names.
Literally Tenkara Great Devil King.

Note how the kanji for Devil 魔, also has some elements for the kanji for Oni, 鬼.
A good sense of humor is always welcome. Other places in his videos he just refers to himself as 大魔王, Great Satan, much the same way Masami-san is often just called Oni. :grin:

A video from 31 July
Tenkara practice! Easy Tenkara practice method that you can do at home.
[in this case at home isn’t the back yard, it’s the roof top of a high rise apartment building. Practicing casting a 10m level line, with a 4m rod. After a few cast. Deciding 15m is the target distance. But hitting 12 ~ 13m was ok.
1:02 大魔王はいつもここで振い練習してます [ The Great Satan always practices shaking here] :smile:

It’s difficult to cast a 10m line. I do ok up to about 8m. Pretty inconsistent with 9 or 10. I’ve never tried to fish with lines that long. But I think the practice with them improves my ability to cast light lines of shorter length, and my skill at casting line in windy conditions. The practice teaches me how to put more power into the line. Mostly by developing proper timing.

From 4 Aug.
【TENKARA 】テンカラ竿簡単チューニング!
[TENKARA] Tenkara pole easy tuning!
What he did is a quick, crude way to add a little weight to the butt end of the rod. About 2oz. fishing weight. I looked up 15号オモリ. Different websites varied from 53g to 58g.

If you have a rod that you feel is particularly tip heavy, this would be a quick way to see how the added weight changes that. I’ve added weight to one of my zoom rods, by wrapping leaded line over the bottom end 1.5 inches of the grip. About 1 oz. It shortened the balance point of the rod by 12.6cm at it’s short length, from 68.2 cm to 55.6. It shortened the balance point (aka center of gravity) at it’s extended length by 22.2cm, from 95cm to 72.8cm. Despite adding 1 oz to the weight of the rod. The rod actually felt lighter because it balanced better.

However, adding weight to the grip doesn’t change the Rod Moment by any significant amount. It will still take the same amount of force to make the casting stroke. I believe the only way to reduce RM is to build the rod with lighter rod sections.

Weights or counter-balance weights to be added to the butt end of the rod are commercially available for some rods, and can be found in tackle shops for use with the long keiryu rods. This is not just a home brew method of doing this. I recall once stumbling upon an online tackle shop page where weights were sold for different models of rods. They were made to fit the threads of the butt cap. Remove the cap, screw on the weight in its place. Mostly they were for the 8m or so rod models.

Fishing with a 10m line isn’t just for big wide rivers. From 11 Aug.
Long line Tenkara real fishing! New fly-field test!
4.5m rod, 10m LL, 1m tippet, fishing a narrow stream.

Did you catch that kebari he is field testing at about 6:30 ? It actually has a spinner. スピンスター「仮 ]

In his last video, posted the day after this one. The video is longer, he’s fishing a larger river, there is a better view of this kebari, and he added a ガン玉 [Gun Ball, aka split shot, but what an interesting name ] ahead of the kebari.
And his most recent video verifies what a friend told me this morning. They’ve been getting a lot of rain in Japan the last few days.

Anyway, he began uploading videos less than two weeks ago. He appears to be a skilled angler, if you watch closely you can notice him using different fishing techniques. Maybe in the future there will be other interesting videos. Or at least entertaining for me, but I’m often amused by odd stuff.

Link to his YTC below:

Star Hiroji YouTubeChannel

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I received a reply from Star Hiroshi-san,
The 4.5 m rod is " ダイワのEXPERT TENKARA45です!"
Actually Expert Tenkara L , LL 45, I think.

Daiwa Expert Tenkara L

I think the Daiwa 4m LT is the one he added the weight to, and if you look closely he fished with it that way in one of the videos. Maybe that is still wrong. It’s difficult to see the rod names in the videos. But pretty sure I saw LT on the rod, and I found the 4m LT rod with a google search.

A スピナーテンカラ毛鉤 Spinner Tenkara Kebari ?

Likey, No Likey?

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Suspecting that [ひろじさん] may have picked the nick-name テンカラ大魔王, Tenkara Great Devil King (or Satan King or whatever would be the most accurate English translation) as a bit of fun or word play with the nick-names for Dr. Ishigaki and Masami Sakakibara. Or perhaps the name was chosen chosen with a dual purpose. To indicate kind of a mission statement or goal.

I asked Hiroji-san why he picked the nick-name.
From his reply, I think he is in the 十人十色のテンカラを, 10 People 10 Colors of Tenkara camp.

Here is his reply:

I respect Tenkara the Great and Tenkara 's Demon !
I thought that there was only the Great Demon King that could exceed it (those names?), I chose the name.
I want to evolve Tenkara with innovative ideas without being concerned with conventional tenkara !

Off topic. But, The 10 colors theme seems to be applied to different facets of Tenkara. [an other life activities too]
Last evening I was looking at the Tenkara pages on the Honda website. A page I have looked at several times. Maybe I noticed it before and forgot about it. Or maybe I just never noticed it before. But there it was in the title for Step 3

十魚十色のアタリを, 10 Fish 10 Colors of Atari.
The topic being about the timing of awaseru or matching , connecting of fish and kebari.


スターひろじ@テンカラ大魔王 Star Hiroji @ Tenkara Great Satan

海でテンカラと川でテンカラ Tenkara in the sea & tenkara in the river

ソルト専用の毛鉤を作ってみた I made a salt dedicated kebari

I think they’d work in freshwater too. He catches a couple of types of Rock Fish with them

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As usual, great detective work @dwalker! Very interesting and informative. Personally, the longest line I’ve used was about 5m with about 1m of tippet. I did that with my Suntech 4.5m FM-X keiryu rod, which obviously wasn’t intended to do so. I only had moderate success with it. I may have to give it a try again with a different rod.

Thanks, I am about the same for maximum line length to actually fish. The longest 4.5m or 5m when using a 3.9m to 4m rod. Only occasionally longer, sometimes shorter.
Though when watching Japanese tenkara fishing videos 6m line + tippet seems to be popular choice.

I just noticed I made a mistake I made with his name in the original title, which I have now corrected to Hiroji. ひろじ

ひろじさんの, Hiroji-san’s mission statement for his YouTube channel is interesting,
a bit of a mystery about what is meant by - now being revived or resurrected. Did he have a previous presence on the internet under a different alias?

テンカラ、TENKARA 、ルアー、釣り全般、アウトドア、
Genius fishing master Star ☆ Hiroji revived.
People who want to keep fishing can watch.
Tenkara, TENKARA, lure, general fishing, outdoor, fun things, challenge.
I hope that fun of fishing can be conveyed.
I really want to do something fun because my arms are certain. ***

*** In a post I made on the TUSA forum over 5 years ago I used the google translation for a video title of -
Strong Tenkara Arm.
Eddie Yamakawa explained that the phrase should be interpreted to mean a Skillful or Experienced Tenkara Angler.
I think similar to how Hiroji-san’s phrase 腕は確かな [Ude wa tashikana, Arm is Certain / Sure] would also mean the same thing.

Eddie also went on to explain that frequently in Tenkara circles they don’t use the term Atari (あたり) to describe a Hit (ヒット) , and will instead substitute 出 (de, which generally means Out, or to go toward someplace, I think)

Star ☆ Hiroji also has several subscribers whose YouTube names will be familiar to anyone who frequently watch Japanese Tenkara videos.

Such as : GE1015, kebari0178, Yamakuji Outdoor Life, amagochan6332, and several others.
Perhaps the most noticeable celebrity subscriber is アマゴンスキー Amagonsky, aka Kazunari Kimura.
Who co-starred with Dr. Ishigaki in their Actual Fishing ! Level Line Tenkara DVD:


The Tenkarabum started importing UL JDM, Japanese Domestic Market, spin fishing gear a few months ago.
That he has primarily placed on a different website. finesse-fishing.

UL JDM Fishing Gear

Either on that website or on Tenkarabum, Chris wrote that while he believed he would find people interested in this tackle, he was surprised at the level of interest from among his existing Tenkara or Keiryu gear customers.
Maybe it shouldn’t have been.

In some of Hiroji-san’s Tenkara videos he sometimes switched to spin fishing for a few minutes. I don’t think it was the same brand Chris is selling, but it looked similar.


Wow, you have invested quite a bit of time into the tenkara that other people do.

I’ll watch some of the videos, thank you.

Interesting to read about sensei. He is a great guy. I got to stay with him at Daniel’s summit HQ cabin. I look forward to meeting and fishing with him in Japan or maybe back here in the states.

I enjoy seeing how the Japanese tinker with tenkara, the equipment and techniques. Know the rules so you know how to break them and all.

Thanks for all the work, much appreciated.

I’ll use some of your links for sure and give credit where it is due.

Cool, I’m pleased to read you found some of it interesting.,


Mr,David Walker
I also thank you.


2018 Tenkara final fishing ⑥ ~ final times! !

I’d reckon many of us have had our final time tenkara fishing for 2018 by now.
It was a disappointing tenkara year for me. Had a lot of rain here this year and often the river conditions were not favorable for fishing, and less so for catching. It almost seems like the last time tenkara fishing was actually in 2017. :frowning_face:
And snow has shown up here a month earlier than normal too.

Anyway, on another topic - about 3 days ago I noticed that google translate has again changed the way it works.
Thus far I have only found a couple of things that might be better, final conclusion about that is still to be determined. And some major things I find is not an improvement. Actually going in the wrong direction.

Some of the changes in how it functions:
Now at the top are separate soft buttons to translate either text or a document that you would browse to on your computer.

Now if you input a webpage URL into the input window there is no longer a “translate” soft button as before. Now you have to click on the little box at the end of the URL shown in the output window.

More of a pita is that you can no longer edit the translation for a single line. You are forced to edit the entire output window translation.

Even worse is if you correct / improve the translation in the output window - if you add a new word or line to the input window - the entire translation in the output window reverts to the previous poor / less accurate translation.

As a bit of a curiosity - I wonder why the Japanese most often write Aeropress as エアロプレス (earopuresu) instead of what would seem to be more correct written as アエロプレス (aeropuresu)? :confused:
However, less frequently I do find it written as アエロプレス. If I search for アエロプレス - google always responds with - Showing results for エアロプレス Search instead for アエロプレス.

This website uses エアロプレス

This website uses アエロプレス:

Well, I guess this sort of thing keeps figuring out accurate translation from getting stale or boring. :wink:

As you might have guessed from the above examples. I found an Aeropress & accessory mini coffee grinder at Firebox Stove at discounted price last weekend and ordered one for an early birthday present for myself. Thus far I am leaning toward thinking the hype about them may have been deserved. :smiley:

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Hi @dwalker,

Your season sounds somewhat akin to mine. I think we were about 1/4" (0.6cm) less than an all time record for rain here this year. Winter came early here too. We had a couple of inches that came and melted, but it came in earnest last week. Monday we had just over two feet (60cm) of snow in 12 hours and we got another 8" (20cm) on Wednesday night.

My season here in VT ended during the last week of October. Between the rain and moving, I only got out a couple of times in September and October. When you normally are out at least two days a week, that was heart wrenching!

I agree with your Google translate assessments. Unfortunately, it’s not overly surprising to me. Sadly, they often make changes to their products that are unpopular and eventually end the product. I’m not saying they are ending translate. However, I do agree that it is not as easy to use as previously.

Lastly, aeropress does make excellent coffee. My wife got one last year and it’s great.

Well, some of the google translate changes are just a pita because it is different from before, and will be ok with familiarity. But other functions were a giant step in the wrong direction. imo. A lot of the translations became more screwy than previous a few years ago, not long after I discovered an online report saying google had started using AI for translations. Therefore, since it works so poorly, I figure there is nothing yet to fear about AI, but maybe in time there will be.

[last November I looked up some of the reporting from the RSNA, radiological society of N. America. Biggest trade show of it’s type in the world, held each year the week after Thanksgiving - in Chicago. Many companies were pushing AI in their diagnostic imaging systems, and saying - well, we’re not saying AI will replace doctors, but doctors who use AI systems will replace doctors that do not use AI systems. Some sales pitch, hey, no pressure to spend your money on their products. But lose your income if you don’t, doh]

The Aeropres coffee has been yummy thus far, not sure if its the coffee press or the fact that I now have a mini grinder and fresh ground beans, that usually makes for better coffee. Even in my previous coffee brewing machine. My wife doesn’t drink coffee, so a single cup brewer works fine at my house. I don’t know who made the grinder, it is small, made in China. It just Firebox branded.

Many people speak highly of the Porlex grinders, but there seems to be some confusion about where they are made. The Amazon seller says made in Osaka, yet a customer picture clearly shows the box saying made in China. And another customer stated in his feedback that his was made in Japan, but in a different city from Osaka. Kagoshima, I think.

Maybe they are made in all three places, so it’s just luck of the draw which one you receive, and maybe it doesn’t matter, as long as the QC / QA at the factory is good. It only takes 2 ~ 3 minutes to hand grind the beans, and I don’t mind the exercise, probably does me some good too. :laughing:

Anyway, heading out tomorrow for a few days in Tennessee. If all goes according to plans.

Japanology Plus - Coffee. (Nov 28, 2018)

Coffee Jelly? Why not we have coffee ice cream.