The tenkara of guitars

Music has been a hobby of mine for many years - and one that I somehow manage to remain pretty bad at somehow (that takes a certain skill all it’s own). Though I guess it helps keep me humble and I have “beginner’s mind” therefore lots of possibilities as Shunryu Suzuki might say.

I’ve gotten a little out of the ukulele habit these days as I’ve been playing the electric guitar lately

But I always feel like the uke is sort of like “tenkara guitar” - much easier to get the hang of with just the 4 strings. Though in the hands of a skilled player it can be magnificent (like tenkara)

I am not a skilled player (and an even worse singer)

but I’m not too shy about the fact that I’m not very good and don’t hesitate to inflict it on people :slight_smile:

I used to participate in these weekly fun contests at Ukulele Underground forum where you’d post a video on a theme - it was not really about wining for those that play - just a fun reason to learn a song and make video.
Here’s of the better ones that I did.

Any other musicians out there - good or bad (like me) ?

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I have a few Ukes, also on UU. Not as talented as you, I just kinda’ plunka’ plunka’ along.

Ron - I’m a hack really - but I can fake it sometimes! :grinning:
It’s funny because I’ll work really hard to learn something - then I mostly forget it in really short order - so when I was looking back at some of the videos that I did today, I was like “wow - I can’t do that anymore!”

I need to check back in on UU and see what’s going on - doing those ukulele contests always forces me to learn a song the whole way through (which I’m really bad at)

I play mostly 50’s and 60’s beach songs, on a variety of Sopranos and Tenors.

Saw the title - and I was expected to read about a Diddley Bo (bow). :wink:
You know, only 3 things required: Rod, Line , Fly vs Board, Wire, Glass Jar (or bottle)

This is a example of the authentic traditional build. The Classic Diddley Bo, maybe only exceeded by one made on a post of the porch in old days.

Of course now days people make the sound box out of safer materials that don’t have the possibility of shattering and injuring you. More often today the use guitar pickups.

On a more serious note - I’ve tried a few times to learn to play the guitar. My last couple of attempts did make some progress to simple songs, then work and other activities eliminated the practice time, and dreading going through sore finger tips again I’ve just never started back.

It’s an uphill battle, I’m thinking there is no musical dna in my family tree. I know of no one from the extended family that plays music. I thought my son had shot at some natural talent for it, It’s difficult to find someone from his maternal grandmother’s extended family that doesn’t play more than one stringed instrument.

I think I’d struggle to learn to play fiddle sticks. :frowning: But that’s where many children started out during front porch music.

you should try the uke - it is much simpler chord fingering than guitar and easier on the fingers due to the nylon (or fluorocarbon) strings

and they’re nice and portable

Since moving to China and giving up my drum kit I’ve picked up the guitar. First on a cheapo Craigslist accoustic very badly setup then progressing to a cheapo electric and finally in the last month after being sure I’m serious about learning I’ve gotten a couple of nicer guitars. I like the learning process, the ongoing challenges and that I can pick up a guitar at anytime while working from home and play something while my computer is chugging on a process or waiting for a big download.

The Uke, we have one kicking around for my daughter and I’ve learned chords on it but as much as I like the sound of it when in capable hands it is not my thing. But a single pickup Les Paul Junior sure is simple and can kick out the jams.

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I keep re-injuring my finger with my guitar paying :frowning:

I my middle finger on my fretting hand must have some sort of tendon tear or something - and my string bending on the blues tunes keep tweaking it … That’s why I’m thinking about ukulele again

What? You should use a Martin guitar, then claim you or your family owns the company, :wink:

Yeah, a ukulele might be a better option, and an improvement over a 3 string Strumstick. Which is really just a type of dulcimer.

Speaking of Ukuleles -by chance the following caused a good deal of friendly name calling last evening on a political blog I read.

Who knew there was such a thing as the Ukulele Orchestra? Or suspected that these Brits would be fans of old Clint Eastwood westerns. Those wacky Brits are full of surprises. However, it does have a certain Monty Python flavor.

They’ve been around for a while. There’s even a 2010, 28 minute video of their tours in Japan in 1994 & 2004, Ukulele Orchestra Go Japan! What could be more zany than a bunch of Brits and Japanese together playing ukulele music? Tenkara gatherings seem tame in comparison.

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yeah those guys are pretty fun -

of course Jake has taken the uke to amazing places

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or if you prefer Japanese stop action animated crochet characters …