Thread/topic locking after 30 days of inactivity

Hi Peder,

I know that necroposting isn’t exactly great, but also wonder if the 30 day limit before locking could be adjusted upwards? Seems like we could be losing some additional or newer insight on older topics.



Sorry for the delayed response.

I’m willing to consider something else. What are you thinking?

Ok, so I just tried a test, and apparently some threads never lock? Please forgive me for bringing a 6 year old thread to top of “newest”. It’s still there, even though I deleted my post.

So, maybe 3-6 months before auto-locking?


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I’d second 3-6 months.

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Whatever is the easiest for you to manage is fine with me. Thank you again for all the work you
do to keep this site open and running smoothly.


Okay. I’ve changed them to 6 months.

I’ve noticed topics that are already set to auto close after 30 days need to be manually changed to update them to 6 months. Sorry folks, I’m not going through and updating every single open topic; there are far too many to do that. However, all new ones will be 6 months moving forward.



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