Tick borne disease

I just found out about this and thought I would let everyone know. If you spend much time out of doors and you need another reason to protect yourself from ticks, this is it. It is all fun and games til you can never eat another steak.

holy shit that is serious fucking business!
I was always kinda scared of Lyme, which @JJHiker had last year, but this is a whole nother level of suck.

Thanks for sharing. . . . I think. That is dreadful sounding.

This ticks me off. What a bite! Sorry for the puns…:smile_cat:

Does this occur on the east coast area (like Virginia)? Thanks for the info.
What’s next?

This condition is extremely rare, I do know a patient of mine who has it. It’s a young woman. I wouldn’t be too overly concerned, just use appropriate tick precautions. Lyme and rickettsial diseases are of more concern.

I have it and if you live in the southeast it is for sure worth taking precautions. The rash alone is hell.

whoa damn dude, you got this? I figured you were just posting it for everybody’s info. Damn man, that sucks.

I had Lyme a couple years ago. Horrible stuff.
No tick or bite found at the time…no rash…nothing.

I was on a binge fishing trip on block island, and must have contracted it on the island when I visited two weeks prior. I was so ill, but thought it was some sort of flu. I pushed through and fished even though I had the hot sweats, muscle fatigue and low energy. There is is only a visiting doctor on the island, no real facility. By the end the week I had something going on between two of my toes that looked like athletes foot. The next day my foot started to swell. When I got off the island, I went directly went to the doctor, who looked at the foot and immediately thought like it might be lyme. The rash was not a bulls eye…just a rash without shape. The day after I started antibotics, my whole body was covered in bulls eye marks.

I was lucky, I caught it within 2 weeks of the bite. My friend’s wife had an diagnosed case in the 70s and she suffered for years and eventually died.

I wonder if I have Mammalian Meat Allergy. Ever since lyme…I cannot eat beef without feeling ill. I know its not related to lyme, but I somehow have a similar affliction. I am told Ticks carry so many diseases, that most are undocumented.

From now on I will spray myself down before I go fishing. I did not know this was
so common.

I apologize for the stupid pun, I thought it was a general information warning for us.
It never occurred to my dumb ass that you had to suffer this problem.
Sorry, you went through this. Do you feel better now?

HAHA no problem at all. I have been laughing at myself solid about this crazy crap. I do feel much better and I live less than an hour from the VA line in NC.

I live outside of Richmond, VA in an area called Midlothian (it is SW of Richmond). Did you get this in NC or VA area?
I was wondering if I needed to keep an eye out for this in my neck of the woods. Thanks for the pic. This looks really serious.

I live in Fayetteville NC and fish all over the state. I would for sure take every precaution against ticks.

Thanks for the info. What an eye opener to ticks and their diseases.

More info about ticks (to give you the willies):

As for prevention, I prefer permethrin treatment of clothes over DEET or repellants. Permethrin doesn’t repel ticks, it kills them on contact. I’m not a shorts guys; I wear long pants and long sleeve shirts (lightweight and quick dry materials) even when I’m in hot, humid weather. I treat my clothes with permethrin at the first of the summer season. It works well, is quick to apply, and safe when done correctly. I don’t apply permethrin to my wet wade trousers though, as it’s very toxic to fish.

This is just what I do. You’re situation may require different measures.


Thanks, this sounds great. I will buy some permethrin and treat my shoes, socks, and pants.
This is a big help in staying safe for the 2017 season.

I never have used that stuff but remember someone noting that it’s bad news for cats.

Yes it is, in liquid form, not after it dries. Don’t spray your cat with it, only your clothes.


That gave me a good laugh.

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I will remember to spray my wife’s cats with it.

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