Tight Line and Drifting Streamers in RMN Park Video

I was going to post this video in the Rods Section but, Flickr Flies says very little about the rod he’s fishing other than the Wright Up below the video. He does, however, give a good account of the Streamer He’s using and the Tight Line and Drifting ways he is fishing it. So, this video is a better fit into The Kebari.and Flies category. Here is the link:

The Rod is a TenkaraBum Traveler 27, is 9 feet long, and weighing in @ under an ounce and is a 13.5 penny Seiryu Rod.


The traveler 27 is actually classified as a keiryu rod.

What’s the difference between a Tenkara and Keiryu rod?

Kris, thank you for correcting my miss-statement.

Justin, the intended purpose of Keiryu rods is in fishing with bait, so they can be significantly longer and tend to be much more Tip-Action rods. However, many of the available Keiryu rods make wonderful Tenkara Rods. In Keiryu fishing, split shot is used to make the casts instead of line weight and inertia, so Keiryu rods can and often will be much more robust than Tenkara rods usually are. Generally speaking the visual identifier of Tenkara rods is their grips, be they cork, foam or wood. The grips on Seiryu and Keiryu rods (until just lately with Daiwa) is that the grip is an expanded section of the rod blank, which is lighter in weight and more sensitive than cork and foam grips are. The expanded grip area has an added textured or very thin rubber coating that gives excellent hand traction - whether the grip is wet or dry.


@justin_Garin The traveler 27 is an awesome rod! I gave a simple overview of keiryu/seiryu/tenkara rods in a recent video.

Excellent explanation Karl! I should’ve included some of those aspects in my recent video.

Kris, I have now watched, and greatly enjoyed, all 3 of your rod collection videos. They are highly informative and well thought out and with no junk rods to be seen. Thank you for providing such a valuable service…Karl.

Thanks Karl. I appreciate it.

Hi again Kris. Since you asked about possible rods of interest, I would be interested in hearing and seeing your take on DragonTail’s Carbon/Glass FoxFire Rod, when they become available. Perhaps Bret would send a rod for you to review if you contacted him…Karl.

Thanks for the suggestion Karl. I was actually emailing with Tom recently about the Foxfire and Mizuchi. I haven’t purchased them yet, but I am interested in them… I’m sure you’re aware that both Tom and Tristan have tested the rods and provided their insights, but if I do add one to my collection, I would be happy to share my thoughts.