To enjoy tenkara with a disease of nerves, in the other words tenkara as a reason for living

Actually I’ve had a disease of nerves for a long time. And I was in the hospital for a while during this summer.
So I’m not good at tiny kebari, I use big kebari.
Sorry for late replies and I couldn’t join this website.
I’m feeling good nowadays and I feel that tenkara is a reason for living.
I’d like to try new things about tenkara and I’m trying to tie the kebari by my original recipe.
I’d like to say thanks for all the members here and tenkara anglers all over the world.
I want to be a tenkara translator for foreign anglers and Japanese anglers.



Is it now okay?
You can enjoy “tenkara & kebari” like that

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Kohei, Sorry to read that you’re having to deal with health problems. About the only good thing about them is it makes you appreciate simple pleasures, and no longer take them for granted. When if you can participate in them again. Even in a limited way.

Thus far I have been very fortunate and mostly always been healthy. The occasional kidney stone, which thankfully I have not had to deal with for several years. And which only once, the last time about 4 years ago, caused me to go to hospital ER. And a touch of Bell’s palsy many many years ago. That fortunately had no lasting effect other than for several years afterward the right side of my face would feel a bit numb when I worked one of those 16 hour work day. But eventually went completely away.

I hope you are getting good care, the kind that treats the illness itself, not just masking the symptoms. And can continue to enjoy tenkara or other activities. :smiley:

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I’m okay now but the disease will keep throughout my life.
Thanks for your midge kebari, I can enjoy very small fishes by tenkara.I can’t tie the midge flies by myself because of disease.
Thanks for your kindness.

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Thanks David.
ER! I’m very surprised. But I feel good to hear that you are okay now.

I have a great fun when I do tenkara, even if the targets were not trouts.
Having fun is a kind of great medicine for me.

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Mr Yamamoto, I’d like to offer to tie some small Kaberi for you, what colors would you like?


Dear Mr. Kulinski

Thanks for your kindness but I feel very sorry about your tying small kebari and shipping fee and so on.
Mr. Todoroki gave me midge kebari a lot before. So now I have midge kebari enough.
When I lost my kebari, then I ask you. Thanks so much.

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I am glad you are here!

I am crazy about tenkara too!

Let’s share our interest together here.

I am going to be doing this the rest of my life. I like to share with my Japanese friends at my web site. If you want to be a part of that too, just let me know, we are all super into tenkara there.

Have fun and I hope winter isn’t bad for you.

Take care friend!