Todoroki-san and Gamakatsu Hooks

I just finished reading one of Todoroki-san’s blog post, dated Oct 20, about Gamakatsu Hooks.

I am also a fan of their S10-B hooks, and probably use them more than any other hooks. In various sizes; 12 mostly, but also some times 14, or 10.

However, that is the trivial part. Reading in the comments of the post, I see he had a some trouble following a typhoon. Some submerged agricultural equipment, river damage about 6km upstream and downstream from his home. But near his home seemed to be fine.

I was wondering if anyone has heard from Todoroki-san over following weeks, if he is ok, and if his community has adequately repaired the damage to fields and roads?

fwiw - his comment reply quote - to see what you can make of the sometimes weird translations;

google translation of Todoroki-san blog comment


Todoroki-san is such a wonderful gentlemen and is a library of information like yourself David. Both of you are always sharing new and interesting information. Could we send money to help him or is this a taboo Japanese custom? It would be neat to consolidate our money from the forum and send him some money if needed. I’m thinking out loud so no one get upset with me for the idea, it’s only just a thought. Even if we could just donate $5-$10 dollars that would be a great help.

Mike I don’t know if that would be something needed. He seemed to indicate damages surrounded his home, but his property was undamaged, and in reply on his blog he only indicated he is busy doing volunteer work to improve his community. And he has had time to make new blog post since then.

Where I live we recently had an intense wind storm that dropped trees in nearby surrounding areas. I felt I was lucky to have avoided having a tree or two fall on my house, and stopped screwing around, and soon spent the money to have two trees cut down in my back yard. Cutting them up and disposing of them is an ongoing task.

I recall seeing the large typhoon storms approaching Japan a couple of months back on the earth nullschool website. Currently there is a moderately strong cyclone just north of the Philippines. Only the east coast of Greenland showing similar wind speeds.

earth nullschool net

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Thank you for your concern.
Typhoon damage is gradually recovering
Thank you very much


Good to read you are doing ok, and making progress recovering from the storm damage. :smile:
If I understood your blog post, where it was mentioned, your home had minor damage, but the areas around your home, and your neighbors property, had a lot of damage.