Tokyo Groundstore added US website

Last summer I discovered the website for the Groundstore in Tokyo. It is part clothing, outdoor gear, tenkara gear, and coffee shop and part blog.

A short time later Isaac Tait visited the shop and made a blog post about his visit to the shop, and chat with the owner.

The owner of the shop, Daisuke Tsuchiya-san, also has a separate Japanese language blog site, that is already listed in the Online tenkara resources section of the forum, as - Go Tenkara, which is also the name of his YouTube channel.

Anyway, I just noticed that in January he has added a website with a US URL address, on which are found many of the same blog post, but with English translations.

The translations are a bit rough. But hey, the phrase - Lost in Translation - exist for a reason. Isaac found that he knows English, but the translations appear to be digitally done.

For example Tenkara is often translated by google as Ten Color, which is what I see in the translations, or Trick for shikake (仕掛け). But they do make his blog post more accessible to English readers, you will at least at a glance have some idea what the post is about without having to first translate the Japanese into English, if you enjoy checking out his blog post.

Not many products in his US store link; only lines ( I assume they are Tenkara Rod Co. lines) and some made in Japan Kebari. But as Isaac noted, his prices are, well, pricey. Three kebari for $25.

However, Kind of fun that he is trying to make his blog post more accessible to English readers.
Don’t know if that is driven by his enthusiasm for Tenkara or more because he carries the Tenkara Rod Co rods in his shop in Tokyo. Currently his blog post, (from the home page) goes back four pages to January 2017.

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Thank you David for bringing this resource to our attention. It’s great!!

It’s worth mentioning too that the $25 includes postage, possibly only in Japan though. The Okuhida region of Japan has long been on my list of places to fish in Japan. I skied there last season and the area blew my mind