Trail running and Tenkara

An obvious if not fitting combo.

I loaded up my trail running vest, the attachments made for running poles do a great job of holding a rod and set off on what was our warmest day of the year yesterday. A short jaunt to the river and then a longer one back to the vehicle at the end of the day after fishing upstream was perfect. The water was cold but normal trail shoes and merino socks did the job fine for wading given the small stream size and the amount of time spent fishing out of the water.

Here’s the go-to kit so far (minus food and dry bag)

Packed clothes are a Rad synthetic down and Patagonia wind shell.

Small stream wild beauties!


In the right location this is the kind of thing that can get you to places less-fished, and better fishing. Generally I have found most people wont walk more that 1.5 miles.

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