trailLite Desings - ti net mods

I bought a trailLite designs ti net last fall.

That net is pretty awesome. Light and functional…and reasonably priced considering they are hand made.

One thing is that the handle is slick. I have had the net pop out of my belt and sometimes I find the grip to be tricky. Thinner diameter with a smooth finish.

I had posted on the use of shrink tube in rod building. I ended up using that method on the net. It helps keeping the net in hand and on the belt. Took about a 15 minutes. I Like the way it came out. Used it the other day…I would say its an improvement.

Took a piece of sand paper and roughed up the finish where I wantedt the handle.


Made a little knob out of electrical tape. This was to keep it in my belt and a little build up to keep it in hand too.

coated the handle with some cement and let it dry

wound some nylon cord around the handle area

Did another coat of cement over the whole thing.

I had both xflock and regular shrink…because I used the cord…I used the regular.

cut a bit larger…so post strink there is still material to trim.



heat gun…




trim where you want with a razor blade.
I added to bands using marine tape they use for pinstriping boats.

I put the tape on to improve visibility…a couple weeks ago when this net popped out of my belt. I could not see the darn thing and it was right in front of me. Wanted to make it a little more visible if it is set down.

It added barely any weight. The tube is pretty thin stuff.


Cool. Looks like functional customization.
As an aside, the guys at the motorcycle shop used hair spray for an adhesive when they replaced the foam grips on my bikes. Made me wonder if one really should avoid inhaling the stuff.