TRC Yari


Thanks for the straightforward review. I somewhat reluctantly got in on the campaign (hard to refuse the opportunity to try another Japanese-made rod) and received it a few weeks back. I have fished with it only briefly and it does seem pleasant enough for the traditional tenkara applications. As always, your review seems to be quite fair and my subjective experience doesn’t differ – especially with the comments regarding the handle. I appreciate your observations about the likely manufacturer as well – I suspected the same based on a variety of things I have read and seen and if this is a proxy to evaluate their other offerings, then it was well worth it.



is it any better than a nissin prospec 2way?

I noticed that it is now offered on their website for $ 325.00. I’m not sure how many they have but if you really want one it might be wise to purchase one soon before Thanksgiving and all the holiday buying. It looks exactly like a Tenyru rod. Tenkara Addict and Teton Tenkara do a great review.

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