Tricks with plastic bags

Light weight & compact to carry when backpacking or hiking. Little tricks for unexpected uses that you may find practical & useful.


Problem with that video is that it promotes the use of junk plastic bags. Really they just are not durable and thats why we have camelback and thermarest products.

Realistically you could never make any of that stuff in the field. Consider the other junk in the assembly list. Really arbitrary stuff…spray bottle tops and coffee filters. People building those things could only build them at home.

I have always had a negative response to plastic bags of any sort…ever since they were introduced. Mostly because i lived in nyc and nyc metro and they are literally everywhere …in the water…in the trees…in the subway…on the streets.

Wild ideas there! Never thought of weaving it into a cord.

I used to use them to keep my feet dry/warm when i commuted by bike to work during cold or rainy days. Id put on a pair of merino socks, slip some grocery sacks over each foot, then another taller sock over the top. Aside from a bit of sweat, which obviously had no place to go (making good merino socks important) my feet stayed warm and happy even on the coldest and wettest 8-10 mile commutes.