Trout in the Milk

This looks like an interesting documentary:


I am glad to see that they are passionate about their native char and are spreading the word to maintain abundance.

I have a fondness for EBT because besides being a pretty fish; especially in spawn colors, they can spawn over gravel in lakes as well as streams, and do well in challenging sub-alpine - alpine conditions. But the problem with them here in the PNW US is they thrive and displace native cutthroat and rainbows (along with their anadromous salmonid brethren and cousins. They can easily overpopulate high lakes and become a stunted and skinny fish which is why the WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife doesn’t plant them like they used to and encourages catch and kill where permitted. I suspect that the fact that native Dollies and Bull Trout are ESA listed here and illegal to target in most streams would also factor into that. I have to admit their darker flesh resembles the taste of Pacific Salmon too so I have often used EBT as supplemental protein in the backcountry.

Apparently the high lakes hardiness also has a severe impact on native amphibians; which is the reason the NPS has given to list them as an “invasive species” and eradicate them from at least two National Parks in Washington State.

Again, a beautiful and sporting fish. I like 'em a lot.


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