True Hanko thanks to Todoroki-san

We all know how much generous Todorki-san is, sharing his knowledge of tenkara and sending flies to his tenkara friends around the world.:blush:
A few days ago I asked Todoroki-san to traduce my name with kanji for making my own hanko, the read seal Japanese use for signing.
He gently did the design and I could engrave my hanko using an old Chinese seal made out of soap stone.

Now I can put my Japanese name everywhere ,

Thank you very much dear Todoroki –san , I’ll try to put it on my tenkara rod right now :grin:


Way cool. :smiley:
I’m still trying to make my penmanship half as graceful as yours. Still a long way to go. :persevere:

Beautiful! Your drawing and hand writing are amazing. I’m like @dwalker, except I’m still trying to get mine to be legible.

Beau! Votre dessin et votre écriture à la main sont incroyables. Je suis comme @dwalker, sauf que j’essaye toujours d’obtenir que le mien soit lisible.

Cher @JeanSantos

Je respecte ton talent et tes compétences
Merci beaucoup d’avoir passé un bon moment.

A bientôt
Toshirou Todoroki 2018 2 mars

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More delightful art by Jean Santos. :smile: