Tv Shimano #246 fishing from ancient times tenkara walking Gifu River

#246 日本古来からの釣り「テンカラ」 美しき魚を求め岐阜の渓を歩く
#256 Japan fishing from ancient times “tenkara” Seeking beautiful fish Walking along the Gifu River.

Not a new video. It was uploaded about 5 months ago.

I discovered it earlier while searching to see if I could discover any reports of introduction of new tenkara tackle followinh the fishing show event this weekend. With phrases similar to - ジャパンフィッシングショー2019 新テンカラ タックル紹介, [Japan fishing show 2019 new tenkara tackle introduction].

And found this video on the tv shimano website.

Nothing new for tenkara veterans. But hey, when it is 6˚F outside. One could be doing something a lot more unpleasant than watching video of an attractive young woman being taught how to go tenkara fishing by Dr. Ishigaki. :wink:


Thank you David. :wolf:

I just “found” this video over the holidays when I had off of work. Parts of it seemed familiar, as though I had watched it before and parts of it seemed new. It was almost as if they had taken parts of a previous video, edited it, and added a few new parts (like the lesson with the young woman). Either way, as usual, nicely filmed and definitely geared towards the beginner.