Two more 2018 Japanese language fishing magazines

In addition to the recently mentioned new Sebata Yūzō book, 源流テンカラ釣りの知恵 , Headwaters Tenkara Fishing Wisdom.

You might also find the following two magazines fun.
One advantage is they are more picture rich with color photos. With short captions that are easier to figure out thereby ferreting out more information from a language most of us cannot read.

{ that being said, if you have an interest in making a Sebata Yūzō type taper line - there are pretty good diagrams explaining the process on pages 189 ~ 191 of the Headwaters Tenkara Fishing Wisdom book.}

Tsuribito’s 渓流 2018夏号 (別冊・つり人Vol.472)Keiryū 2018 summer issue.
It also has several pages featuring Sebata Yūzō-san, including how to tie his style of self-fusing tape kebari (which is also covered in the book)

The picture on the cover is also in the Sebata book. He is Mr わがつまとくお / 我妻徳雄/ Tokuo Wagatsuma-san. He is profiled in the Sebata book beginning on page 135.

Tsuribito Keiryū 2018 Summer English translated

Maybe it will be helpful if your are aware Google is translating Tokuo Wagatsuma, as My wife Tokuo, and Ishigaki Hisao as Ishigaki Naoo.

And that Sebata Yūzō is referred to by all these odd translations of his name or nickname : Mr. Yuzo Setoh. Yuzo Sehata “Okina no Okina”. Sehata Flow.

山釣りJOY Vol 2 Mountain Fishing Joy
『夏×源流=イワナ天国!』“Summer x Genryū = Iwana Heaven!”
今年はどこの渓に行く? This year, go anywhere in the valley?
今年の山釣り計画は、この1冊で決まり!Mountain fishing plan for this year is determined / decide by this one book!

Very much similar flavor publication as the Tsuribito Keiryū magazines.

Yamakei 山釣りJOY Vol 2 English translation

Another summary of the issue from the River-Walk website.
Maybe the odd translation differences will provide more insight to the issue.
『山釣りJOY 2018』の見本誌をいただきました!』
We received a sample magazine of “Mountain fFishing JOY 2018”!
(however, the Google translation blocks the image of the front cover of the magazine)

river-walk 『山釣りJOY 2018』English translated

Also included are some writings about 山本素石さん, Yamamoto Soseki-san, for those with an interest in him and his books. The subject seems to be 源流レインボー, genryū rainbows. But I think it is rainbows in the sky above the mountains. Rather than rainbow fish. :thinking:


Thank you David. :wolf:

It’s about twenty per issue, I buy the latest and then two back issues, shipping is about twenty. I do that twice a year… I have about 30 issues to go.

This issue has step by step to tye Sebata-san kebari with the self healing tape.

It’s THE magazine, a lesson on its own.

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Mike and Adam. Cool stuff. I never thought of ordering back issues with orders of new publications. You can find a few old issues on Amazon US for low cost.

I was thinking of telling you Mike - you’re welcome, but it would be ok to withdraw the thank you after seeing the shipping cost. Paper is heavy.

For something from last Aug. with a similar flavor to the magazines. But is free with no shipping cost. You might enjoy the following website post from the Tsuribito blog.

[ it also offers an easy way to practice your skill at reading Japanese with specific fishing terms you wont find in language books.

Except for the title. Iwana fishing / “something iwana ??” in tenkara.

( the ブナに守られたべっぴん尺イワナを bit in the middle still has me scratching my head, except for the word Iwana, イワナ, at the end.
How to best translate 尺 into English remains mostly a mystery to me. What is 尺イワナ or テンカラ尺イワナ? I haven’t yet figured out with certainty. But it helps keep it interesting, and not boring. )]


One thing that always stands out in these fishing tales. From magazines to online articles. They like to eat well out in the woods. No ripping open a package of ramen noodles from the grocery store and pouring hot water on it.

As an aside - the above web.tsuribito blog replaced or superseded the older e-tsuribito blog beginning last Oct 2017.

You can enter something like - テンカラ - in the search box on the right side to only list posts that match that topic. Sort of, the filter is not complete. Click on 次の10件 > at the bottom of the page to go to the next 10 post.

They also have a couple of other blogs, but they mostly have more emphasis on their other angling publications.

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Ah, a pm from a friend, and the search for an answer to his inquiry. Lead me to discovering that 山釣りJOY 2018 vol.2 is on Amazon US in kindle format for $12.99 . Which $6.51 lower cost than print edition, before adding shipping cost. And as a bonus you have it in a few minutes. Had I noticed this sooner I would have just ordered this version rather than the print version.

山釣りJOY 2018 vol.2 (Japanese Edition) Kindle Edition $12.99 on Amazon US

山釣りJOY 2018 vol.2 Kindle Edition Amazon USA

This is really awesome. Thank you for sharing the information. I will look it up today.