Two upcoming trout trips

  1. Next weekend (24 Jun), I’ll be taking a coworker/buddy, and a fishing buddy that I’ve introduced to tenkara, to a small stream (well, a few blue lines that converge into a small stream) in N GA. It’ll be a quick overnight, leaving early Sat morning and coming back Sunday. Should be fun! @JJHiker has helped me with lots of info about the spot, hoping all goes well.

  2. a month from now, my wife and I will be taking a two-night trip to GSMNP and staying in Smokemont. New tent (REI Qtr Dome 3, very niiiiice) will be delightful. I plan on nymphing the Straight Fork Raven Fork, and chasing native brookies on Hyatt Creek just off that, over in the Eastern side of the park, above Cherokee. Very excited, this will be a two night, two full day trip w/o our son, so we should be able to get some quality time on great water.

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Awesome, enjoy! Sounds like you’re going to have a blast!

I’m super stoked. This is my third trip to the park in about a year, but I feel like this will be the one where things actually click. I’ve put in so much damn work on research i’ve sorted out my kit very thoroughly, and barring a summer storm, I think the water conditions should be much better. No chance of blizzard to cause runoff, water levels have been a lot better because of good rain so far this year… I’ve seen so many awesome fishing reports from the smokies lately.

I think I jinxed myself. The forecast for this week(end) is pretty grim.

That’s a bummer. We’ve been getting an intense amount of rain this year and it’s been really tough to get out and fish. We’ve been averaging 1.5 days a week without rain for the past two months! Should make for great summer fishing, but it’s been tough for late spring.

If it isn’t raining, the streams have been so blown out that it’s more or less impossible to fish. This past Monday, we got 4" (10cm) of rain in under 10 hours. We’re almost at a record for the year already.

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Looks like this weekend will be rainy. We are going either way. Going to head out Thursday afternoon and spend the night in town (Bryson City) then get an early start Friday morning, hopefully dodging some rain.