Tying T-Flies With Jamieson's Shetland Island Wool Yarn Information

And here is a Second : Simple Yarn Tenkara Flies | Tenkara Talk

And a third with Jason Sparks: Jason Sparks on Tenkara Fly Tying | Tenkara Talk
all thanks to Jason Klass.

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Oops I hadn’t realised that you posted all the info re Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift wool that Jason Klass blogged about.
Mind you it is good stuff whether you are tying soft hackles or kebari. So easy but so effective.

Here is Tom"s review of Semperfli’s Dirty Bug Yarn:

Here is an interesting experiment TenkaraBum did on the effectiveness of different Yarn Colors in catching fish:

Because wrapping the yarn with your fingers tends to ruff it up, (which can be both positive or negative depending on the effect you want), I have found a pair of Plunger Style Hackle Pliers to do a great job in handling wool yarns and in keeping track of and being able to repeat the twist rates…Karl.


「日光毛鉤」“Ni kō-kebari” is one of the famous “KEBARI” patterns in Japan.
The name is「ゴロッチョ毛鉤」 “Gorotyo-kebari”

Originally it is a “Zenmai” body


Tenkara Addict has a website that sells wool and other types of yarn. You should take a look.

yes he does. It’s the only thing I buy more often than rods.


Thats a lot of bugs!!!

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Kris is trying to “pull the wool over our eyes” That was a Baaaaad joke.

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