Tying vise modification

I’ve always used a pedestal base vise, but I’ve been considering buying a clamp for my renzetti. I didn’t build a very big “lip” on my home-made desk, so I took a different approach. I bought a longer length screw to attach the vise stem (cut to length) through/to the desktop by drilling one hole. Works like a champ and cost me .59 cents rather than $100+. I think its nice and clean as well.


That’s a pretty slick mod, definitely clean & streamlined (as you noted).

I used to have a wire twister (for inline trout spinners) that mounted similarly. I was nervous drilling those holes (thinking I’d ruin my desk), but held up over time.

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Thanks….i figured the single little hole would be the smallest of the mistakes I made on the desk :grin:

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I’m working my way up to something that nice. :joy: