Type 3 vs Itoshiro Oni

I was looking at Teton Tenkara when I noticed that itoshiro is slow deep flex 4/6 while the type 3 is a 5/5. It was my understanding that the itoshiro was the same as a type 1 except a 340 length while the 3 is a sized down type 2. How can the flex reflect so differently?

If I reported a 4:6 flex profile for the Itoshiro it was a typo. It should say 6:4. Also, the type III has a higher penny rating and RFI than the Itoshiro due to its larger diameter, stiffer tip section. The Itoshiro has a very thin, more flexible tip section which lowers the RFI artificially.


Thank you so much for the reply. I have a itoshiro but not a 3.