Un tenkara

I am migrating to the salt…now.

Goes without saying this is not tenkara but just some fixed line fun.

Hit Cape Cod…got into some fish and returned a few nights later to goof off with the carp rod. Still have not broken the mid twenty inch mark on these rods…but it is still fun.

I love this time of the year…the beaches are crawling with these horseshoe crabs. Prehistoric lookin dudes and dudettes.

I caught a good half dozen fish to about 22 inches. easy and fun fishing…then switched to the spinning gear for some larger models when the lights went out. I also caught a new species for me on fixed line. a hickory shad…no pic though…I should have snapped one. Too busy having fun.



over exposed jellyfish…thought it was cool. Nature’s lava lamp.



Thanks for sharing @Gressak, looks like you had a good time. Not having spent much time at the beach, a horseshoe :crab: is something that would be fun to see. They’re just so prehistoric looking.

Ha ah!, untenkara, I like it.

Yeah they are cool. I cannot help but think that the Aliens face hugger was not inspired by them.

Usually this time of year I see fisherman collecting them to harvest their blood. Not this year…perhaps they have become protected.

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