Update from Okinawa

Hello all! I’ve been living on Okinawa for a little over a year now, and things look like they might be starting to calm down with COVID (fingers crossed) so I’m dreaming about travel to the North this year (trout streams around Gifu/Takayama) to do some tenkara once again.
With that, I have also made some purchases to get back into the freshwater fly-fishing world. A pair of Daiwa rods; the lovely Sagiri 39MC, and also trying their new-ish Lochmore Progressive Mobile Pack 4wt 5pc fly rod. I think the 4wt will be lots of fun to target some of the interesting freshwater fish we have here on Okinawa, mostly in the jungle/forest streams up on the Northern end of the island, and it’ll also be great for travel to chase trout when the opportunity arises.
The Sagiri is a classic, and I picked it up for a song, used.

Life here has been mostly good, work has had me changing shifts pretty regularly, but my son loves Okinawa and my wife is just happy to be back over here.
I have been consumed with my motorcycle, a Honda Ape 100cc, that I’ve put a good bit of work into, and it’s hopefully going to be a “fishing-mobile” this summer from time to time, combing hobbies is always fun.

I hope to shoot some good content and put together some videos for youtube in the coming months.



Yeah! Get ahold of the guys over there or do it on your own but just get it done!

Glad to see you back again and glad you’re doing well @Chris_Lynch.

I’m glad to hear you’re in Okinawa . I hope to meet at Lake Biwa together in some day!!!


Well, Chris… after all these years we also connect here. It makes me feel 21 again. How’s the Kadena bomb dump?

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Lol yeah so crazy!
The bomb dump is still jungle haha. I plan to fish some of the streams out there this year.

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