Uzaki Nissin Tenkara Catalog English Version

テンカラカタログ(英語版)Tenkara catalog (English version)
It is a bit dated as it is a 2015 issue. But still it is kind of fun 8 page catalog. It’s very existence indicates an awareness that their tenkara products have an appeal worldwide.

I found the two short biographies on the last page of Hiromichi Fuji “Sensei” and Masami Sakakibara “Shishou” interesting. Particularly the descriptions of past written tenkara articles and tv shows. I was only previously aware of the show made for Italian tv, that can be found on youtube. And the “Strongest Level Line” video, which thus far has been impossible to find. Though I have found and purchased the other 3 videos from the Weekly Sunday Fishing series.

I am guessing that the difference between the use of the different titles Sensei and Shishou has to do with their age. As both terms translate as “teacher”. Sensei [先生] is literally “before living” and Shishou [師匠] is “master artisan”. Maybe.

And here is a link to the four page 2017/2018 Japanese language version catalog:
076-083 テンカラ用品 [076 - 083 Tenkara yōhin] Tenkara Supplies.

Both were found on the U-Nissin catalog page:

[ Uzaki Nisshin (nisshin), Uzaki Nissin (NISSIN) ]


Very cool PDFs to dig through. Really enjoyed reading the English language one from a few years back - if only more content from Japan was translated…