Arturo Pugno a famous Italian shows us his traditional technique, very close to Tenkara . And his traditional flies are close to Kebari:


Wonderful video Jean. Interesting insights into the value of being a keen observer. Thanks for posting it to this forum. Quick work as I see it was only uploaded to YT four days ago.

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Loved the video. Thanks.

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Thank you Jean Santos.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here too.

Looking for interesting posts.

This was the one.

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Lovely film ! Merci Jean !


Yes Pretty cool and beautifully executed. I sort of wish that Yvon would do a similar video about a Japanese angler.

I found it interesting some of Yvon’s notes on presentation depths. In general, I feel it is one of the skills we hone early with tenkara. I get the impression that Yvon fishes fixed line more like he would approach western fly fishing. Reading water for me has changed from interpreting water for structure and targets, to also determining how to get a light fly to the correct presentation depth.


I laughed at Yvon, hard, when he told the story of hooking a fish too big to land on a tenkara pole.

“Throw the rod in the water, sit down and smoke a joint” he told us over the PA system.

He is a kook!

But I really like him. He is not a big person when I was able to shake his hand, he isn’t this big great man that I thought he would be when I shook his hand, he is bigger!

But his ideas on fishing?

A little odd. So are mine.

Yvon’s method is a hybrid of methods much more conducive and easy for “consumers” of easy.

Easy does it for sure.

Marketers, which is exactly what Yvon is and he is a master of it are in the business of persuasion.

I really enjoy Patagonia clothing and fishing products. They are designed for the fishing environment I am in. I spend quite a bit of money on products he sells and I like to compare notes on that brand. After years of wearing Simms waders I switched to his flimsy packable waders that I can stuff into a small water bottle pocket but they work time after time…

His advise on fishing?

Throw your pole in the water and smoke a joint! No. I did laugh, it was meant to make me laugh. His methods work, not bad methods (except watching your pole swept down river)

Funny guy, a legend, a kook, I really like him.

He is one of my favorite outdoor people.

I wish all good things for Yvon Chouinard and his companys.