Video of a trip from last month

Hello all.
I decided to do another video.
It’s of a trip from last month.


Very nice. I like that you have some stills of the fish showing the type of fly used.

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lol “Wombats & Wasabi” is a great name, and you did a great job with the video.

Forgive my ignorance of Australian streams, but what kind of native fish would have been (or still are?) prominent in systems like this?

Great job, looks like some fun fishing. We should all migrate between the hemispheres for an endless fishing season.


Not many in narrow, fast-flowing water like this…prior to trout being introduced, it would have been various types of native minnows, smelts, and pygmy perches.
When these widen and slow a little, then you get Murray Cod, Yellow Belly, Silver Perch, and Bass.
Cod on the fly is for when you get sick of catching ‘little’ trout, as Murray Cod can grow over 4 foot…

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Here’s the video embedded if you don’t want to hop over to YouTube.

Nice video @Nick_Pavlovski! Seems like fun.

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Thanks @Peder!