Video report: Acheron River, Granton (Victoria, Australia)

‘Wombats & wasabi’ (ウォンバット と わさび) episode 6 is now live. A first-time trip to the Acheron River at Granton.

Watch it on YouTube at:

Bummer man, I would have thought with that much structure and so many reeds it would’ve been good fish habitat.

What kind of fly is a stimulator? What sort of size, dry or wet?

Stimulators are strictly dry flies. I began with a size 10, and then went to a 14.
Stimulators are just suggestive…they don’t represent a single insect type.

Nice water. It reminds me of a local river. Similar flow and size but with more dead wood piled up. I have a love hate relationship with that river. The hazards tend to vacuum up my flybox.

With such a slow flow ii find it is hard to be stealthy…and tend to have more success in the greylight of the bookends of the day.

I also find a lot of fish tend to hold tighter to the banks. On more than one occasion…just the act of revealing my silhouette over the bank would send fish darting…and knowing this I have tried the slowest of movements in revealing my presence. Didn’t matter…they would still spook.

I suspect there are a lot of fish in there. The ones you did see might be the tip of the iceberg. It would be interesting to see that water during a hatch.

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Thanks Gressak,
Certainly a few kilometres downriver it holds significant numbers of fish…but I’m led to understand they spook more easily than the fish in other nearby rivers.
I’ll go back with an adjustable rod that can do both 360cm and also something shorter, and try well away from that bridge. And also not as the fish are pairing up and spawning.