Videos of the new Daiwa EXPERT Seiryū ban'nō (all purpose) rod

In another forum thread I posted a link to the new Daiwa EXPERT Seiryū rod. That is being introduced this month.

This post is mostly to add links to Daiwa videos of the rod being used for different fishing methods. The longest rod version is 5.5m in length, has a longer grip for two handed casting.

Daiwa is not listing it under their Tenkara subgroup. Just under the Keiryū ・ Genryū group.
Daiwa are calling it an ‟大人の遊び竿” [Adult play rod] and 万能竿 [ ban’nō sao, All-purpose rod] For fishing from small streams to sea fishing. Kebari or bait fishing.

It is for fly fishing or bait fishing, what I think they call Zero Fishing Method [ ゼロ釣り方法 ]. That uses extremely light lines with small split shot weight. See the Tenkarabum page for - Keiryu fishing,

Information about the Daiwa EXPERT Seiryū rod.

A few Daiwa videos of the rod in action in various fishing methods:

(sorry, I could not embed them. Maybe they can be later, if they are on YouTube, but YouTube has been crashing videos all afternoon. Indeed the videos may not play on the below links until YouTube corrects their problem,

【オフシーズンの釣り】EXPERT清流で川も海も気ままに遊ぶ 3:19
[Off-season fishing] EXPERT clear stream in the river and sea play freely

【シーズン前の釣りの提案】EXPERT清流で遊ぶ、テンカラ釣り 6:10
[Pre-season fishing suggestions] EXPERT clear stream play, tenkara fishing
Until the lifting of the ban on Ayu fishing,

For fans of two hand casting.

【シーズン前の釣りの提案】EXPERT清流で遊ぶ、渓流釣り 7:57
[Proposal for fishing before the season] EXPERT clear stream play with, mountain stream fishing
It also supports fine threads, and even masters can enjoy pulling targeting Amago with a convincing tone.

【オフシーズンの釣りの提案】EXPERT清流で遊ぶハゼ・テナガエビ釣り 7:50
[Off-season fishing proposal] EXPERT clear stream play Goby ・ Prawn fishing

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Damn this rod looks nice.

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