Washington Bans Fishing

I read that recreational fishing has been banned in Washington state for at least two weeks due to the virus. I’m sure more of this will occur in other states, especially in the busier, mountain states. Stay healthy everyone.

Washington and our county is being hit pretty hard by COVID-19.

I live between 3 year-round trout streams that are all at very good pre-snowmelt cfs levels, and fish are getting more active. I had gotten out Monday just prior to the Governor’s decree and had a big grab on a weighted sakasa kebari I was manipulating at the end of a drift I let go too long for extra distance because I couldn’t wade close enough. My rod was too low and pointed downstream too much towards the fly and it broke my 5X tippet 1/4" below the tippet ring before I could react. I should have put on a longer line to reach that eddy, but patience is not one of my sterling qualities and I can be impetuous. I’ll try not to let that happen again.

And now I can’t get out for at least two weeks??? :frowning_face:

You know, I’m good with that. Mrs Brian and I are in a senior high risk group and our health is too important. So l tie flies to replace the several now decorating trees from that trip, practice the mandolin and guitar for the Sound of Music stage musical that I’m scheduled to perform for in May, have face time and play games with Mrs Brian, read… and do some more yard work! :unamused:

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I hope it doesn’t happen in Colorado. I was out the last three days on my neighborhood creek, the St.Vrain. The water is pretty low, but I still had a couple of nice browns in the net (and a bunch of creek chubs).

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