Weather Break and a Thin Blue Line

My daughter is 13 now and still asks occasionally to go fishing together. One spot we like to hit is a short hike to a thin blue line. We usually goof around with the brookies there and then cook some lunch on the camping stove. Most often we have the place to ourselves. It is a nice place to go as it is mostly untouched.

This season marks her first season where she can really convert fish unsupervised. She must have hooked a dozen but anyone who has targeted small wild brookies knows how hard these small critters can be to land. They tend to wiggle off pretty quick and many of them are under 5 inches.

Just a fantastic break in the weather we had last week and all the wildlife was out. My eyesight is shot but my daughter quickly spied these two garters sunning themselves 15 feet from the brook on a ledge.

she even captured a couple frogs.

She out fished me and caught the trophy of the day:

Interesting the variance of color in different sections of the brook.


I love it. Outstanding stuff.

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I’m so pleased that you are fishing with your daughter. Keep getting her out there to caught fish, she will
keep this memory of you forever. You are a good man and dad Gressak. Keep this tradition alive.

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I am pleased too. She has an honest interest and curiosity of nature and enjoys it all. I try not to impose my interests on her, and allow her to make the request to fish. It is pretty cool that she can enjoy it for a full day. We planned to do a half day and when we looked at the watch we both laughed at how we lost ourselves in that brook. We were there for 6 hours, by the time we retraced our tracks and she hit a couple pools for the fish that gave her the slip.


Beautiful! Sadly my daughter is a proud “indoor” child :smiling_face_with_tear:

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