What are you listening to


Beautiful song and clip.

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Not much music listened to on my end…lots of podcasts though.

Dirtbag Diaries
Anchored with April Vokey
Two Guys & a River
Mountain & Prairie
The Knowledge Project
Terra Incognita

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There is a local low power AM radio station that plays a very eclectic mix of vintage popular, jazz, country swing, showtunes, and novelty tunes. They have a streaming site KBRD - The World’s Music Museum that I pickup through Shoutcast when I’m in the car.
For quite awhile now I have been listening to many classic (Public Domain) audiobooks from Librivox.org when driving alone. right now I am nearing the the end of the 2 volumes of Don Quixote.

Some others that had me hesitating to get out of the car to fish include
South_Story_Shackletons_Last_Expedition_1914-1917_1110 Beasts_Men_and_Gods_1005

I talked with my son last Friday who told me he fondly recalls listening to Bruce Hornsby on the way to our fly fishing adventures.



“Be mine, sister salvation
Juke joint Jezebel is coming for my cremation
Be mine, sister salvation
Closer now, see the revelation”

I’m addicted to book on tape, I listen to them daily.


NIN is always somewhere, Beatles, some trap my son turns me on to. Talking Heads, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, A Tribe Called Quest, Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire, XTC, Pink Floyd, music is my soundtrack for sure…

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Waggaki Band, Drops, Band Maid, all from Japan, all unique to say the least. Check them out on YouTube.


Old reggae from a friend here.

Lately a gal named Benee.

The Specials, Desert Dwellers, the Cramps.

…and the Clash.

I’ve been getting ready for a 4 day trip with my son and I got to thinking about this piece. He and I have been in a couple of community bands together; one a community college jazz band where he played 1st (lead) 'bone and I played archtop guitar. The other was a combination brasswind concert band and jazz big band where he played 4th trombone and I played percussion in the concert band, and guitar in the jazz band. I used to get goose bumps when the concert band performed Gustav Holst’s “First Suite for Military Band in E-Flat major Op.28-1” during the majestic ritard following the big “C” section build-up of the third movement. The Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra just nails the Suite and conductor Tatsuya Shimono’s interpretation of that ritard truly brings out its majesty better than any other recording of the piece I’ve heard… Wow!


That was really nice.