What is the definition of your tenkara fishing?

kebari(毛鉤) - fishing , kagasira(蚊頭)-fishing, A job fisherman(職漁師)-fishing ets

It was named tenkara as a generic term in the 1950s and was widely introduced in fishing magazines

Therefore, in Japan, people Kebari- fishing have incongruity with current to Tenkara fishing.

What is the definition of your tenkara fishing?

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Exploring, long hikes, new water. Often fishing creeks no one else fishes. I seldom see other fishermen.
I think wanderlust is the best word to define what I do.

When it comes to how I fish, I try to work with nature rather than against it. I never weight my flies, it’s the current that helps me reach depth. If the conditions are windy I re-position myself rather than using a heavier line.
Adapting your behaviour rather than your gear minimizes the weight of your backpack on hikes, and helps get you in tune with what’s going on around you.

Sometimes that philosophy might give me less fish, I’m no ‘master’, but that’s fine, I won’t starve. :smile:

I also like to tie flies by the riverbank, sometimes using only feathers I find on the hike. For this I have to leave my fly box at home and only bring hook and thread.


Thank you@Joakim
I think it is a wonderful way to enjoy tenkara fishing :smile:

Me, too

I will arrive at the mountain from my house for about an hour,
but I will go trekking for about an hour and a half to go to my favorite place

I grandfather who taught the kebari fishing showed me doing it

How is everyone enjoying tenkara?


Very nice!
I have a creek flowing through my small town, and I can bring my rod to work and catch brook trout on the way home. But the more upstream I hike, the better the fishing gets.

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yesss agree

A quiet place where there are only dogs I love and that place

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I am more of a user of tenkara tools than a tenkara fisher.

To be truthful I am not sure if I fish tenkara. I use kebari forms but also use tons of “western” flies.
Most of the water I fish is not mountain water but tailwater.

By definition, I am not sure what to call what I do…other than safely calling it fishing.

I fished recently with a buddy of mine who is better versed in Tenkara.
He has made a few trips and fished tenkara in Japan. He religiously hones and tunes his style to what he learns and studies.

Comparatively I know nothing of tenkara or technique. I do not feel bad about this, and I pick up what I can.

My motivation in fishing, no matter the discipline it just to have fun. Its not about fish counts, or refining technique. I am not burdened by these things, and will improve on them at a slower more natural pace. I am open to taking what the river/ocean will give me. I do pretty well with this philosophy.

Fishing no matter the discipline, is first about my contact with nature followed by my need to fulfill my drive to hunt. Trout fishing rounds out my year. I fish the ocean half the year and the river the other half.

Tenkara itself is a mystery to me. Seems like the definition has gone through several re-writes for us in the states. I suspect that it will continue. The track record has me doubting that the current word is final. Like everything it probably has a layering like an onion. Lets revisit all this in a decade, and have a laugh about how far off the truth we all were.

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2009 now, nearly 8 years has passed since.

My first day, rod, line and fly on a mountain stream, I took a video. Nothing changed. Just kept moving forward.

I’m friends with the guy who I got my rod from. I help many people learn tenkara. I struggle to understand the people who made it confusing day one, they still make it confusing today.

Pretty simple form of fishing, but a whole lot of fun.

There is no final word, ever.

That’s the beauty of it.

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My childhood was lived in Azumino(安曇野)

azumino is a thriving area of kebari fishing from the old days

my first fishing was kebari fishing

I now also unchanged in the same fishing to feel the excitement

I am interested in fly fishing because the kebari being used felt very beautiful

when I go to mountain streams I return to tenkara fishing

yes me too

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