Where would you live...?

Random musing for a Friday afternoon…

I have a habit of randomly searching available properties around the country in anticipation of my next move. If you were to relocate (within the US) and trout fishing was high on your list of priorities, where would you live?

Now I think it would be easy to just say Montana, or Colorado, or something like that. But would the relative short length of the season deter you? Would somewhere like the NC/TN border be even better than out West? Just curious what everyone’s perspective would be.

I would choose Mt. Rogers/Grayson Highlands area. It is at the far western corner of Virgina. It is also near NC, WV, KY, and TN. These states are within 45-50 minutes drive time. This area is populated with rainbow, brook, and brown trout. There is not a lot of pressure and miles and miles of streams. When I was there in early July 2017, some days I did not see another person fishing. I have been there 4 summers in a row and have always been amazed at the scenery, wildlife, trout, and friendly people. I only wish I could talk my wife into retiring there but that is a NO GO!!! However, I can at least dream. It is about 5.5-6.0 hours driving time from Richmond, VA. There are also wild herds of ponies roaming around in the mountains and some elk plus buffalo have been released somewhere in the area. No one is allowed to hunt them but I hope this summer I get lucky enough to see one. There is a log cabin I rent for $500 for 8 days and 7 nights. What a deal!!!
Two summers ago I saw a Hellbender that was close to 2 feet in length. I hope you will get a chance to visit this special area. :wolf:


Awesome. I have been hiking, but not fishing yet, in that area.

I’ve often thought of this, and I think I’d like to live somewhere in North Carolina, perhaps slightly more than Colorado.

Colorado is simply amazing. If (trout) fishing was my only concern, that would probably be the place I’d be, but I also like the idea of not being incredibly far from a coastline (and the rest of my family is scattered up and down the East Coast). Plus, Charlotte is a great travel hub to get pretty much anywhere in the country.

That said, living on the East Coast my entire life, I think I’d like to give the West a try, at least for a few years…


I would like to live in Hokkaido(Japan) or Colorado.
Especially Colorado is a good place because I actually want medical marijuana.


I like my life, my family.

I think I’ll just live in the present.

If I had to answer, probably in Chamonix or Verbier. I would probably be single and dead. That’s a serious mountain town. I would climb, soar, base, live life as best as I could by myself.

As much as I like to be alone, I love my family more and do not wish or dream to be away from them. Not even online.

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I hope my original question didn’t imply that I don’t like my life or family, ha!

I just know that I’ll be moving sometime in the near future (with my family) and finding the most ideal place includes ready access to good trout fishing.


Of course not!

I just prefer non-fiction and liked your question.

When I was young I didn’t like being in the midwest, northern Illinois to be exact. Now I live in Texas. I used to think I wanted to live in Montana or Wyoming due to the whole trout thing.

Now that I’m older and I think a little wiser, I would say Wisconsin or Michigan. You have Brown, Rainbow, and Brook Trout not to mention, Large Mouth, Small Mouth, Muskie, Pike, all the Panfish, Salmon and Steelhead in the great lakes and tributaries, Flats Fishing for Carp in the great lakes. Don’t forget Walleye, Sauger, Crappie, all the various catfish species and probably more I can’t think of…

My wife will never go for it though…she hates snow.

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Eastern Idaho. Right where I’m at.


I also love where I am eastern California we have a huge amount of fishing opportunities here. This weekend is major trout opener so I’m volunteering to go teach kids fly fishing on Sunday at our local park that is home to massive trout, and bass. I may consider a tenkara gathering soon if there is enough interest.

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Hamilton, Montana is at the top of my ever-changing move-to list at the moment. Epic mountains (the Bitterroots) with lots of great little pocket water tenkara creeks. Lots of streams within half an hour of town. Hamilton is an hour from Missoula, which has everything you’d need as far shopping and amenities go.

I currently live in eastern Idaho. There are lifetimes of amazing fishing within 45 minutes to 3 hours of here, but there’s not much of the small pocket water I like that’s closer than 45 minutes or so. Ideally, I’d live in a place with creeks that are 15 minutes away or less so it’s easier to get out for an hour or two if I want. But the access to great waters in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and beyond is so good here that I might want to end up staying here despite the lack of good creeks super close by.

I lived in Ogden, Utah, for my first 8 or so months of being into tenkara. Some great creeks and rivers in that area, including the Ogden River (more of a creek, really), which runs right through town. Cutthroat, brown trout, and rainbows are catchable within 15 minutes of town. Adding on another 15 minutes gets you into brook trout territory. I really liked Ogden. It’s a good place if you want relatively affordable housing and great access to the outdoors (and it’s not a traffic nightmare like the Salt Lake or Provo areas).

Too many people in Colorado and California for me to want to live there :grin:


We just stayed in Darby a month ago and I fished The west fork of the bitterroot a bunch. That was a fun river, reminded me a lot of the Provo, maybe a tad bigger. That would be a great area to live, we drove through Hamilton but didn’t spend much time there.


Since you restricted the options to the USA, I’d have to say this city boy would never leave California. There’s a surprising amount of fishing opportunities, and I don’t mind people, because, you know, I am one.
BUT, if you open the options to the whole world, the most amazing, exciting, soul satisfying place on earth is Tokyo. Where, if nothing changes between now and then, is where I ultimately will take my last, happy and contented, breath.
But, that’s just my opinion. :relieved:


I’ve been to Idaho. Last year I got in my car and just drove on up there and visited a friend(s) and didn’t realize how many people I knew in Hailey. I had three old friends walk up to me at the local bar.

“Hey Adam, heard you were in town!”

I love Idaho!

Caught major fish in beautiful streams and rivers.

I like it better than Colorado, the sporting life suits me fine.

Next summer, going to Montana. Going to fly up there with Noah and visit new friends.

…after that, Wyoming or Oregon. I don’t know yet. Maybe back to Idaho.

Idaho wrocks


Definitely where I am now … maybe into the mountains, but being in Eagle, Idaho I’m close enough to fantastic waterways and mountain streams. I’m trying to get to the mountains every week which is an hour away. Should have moved here 30 years ago, but better late than never. Fish on!

For me, right where I am in Roanoke, VA. I have two tailwaters within 90 minutes and tons of native brook trout streams everywhere. In 2 hours I can be fishing all over the Shenandoah National Park and or down near Bristol, VA for the South Holston. I live 5 minutes from our airport and get through security in less than 30 minutes every time.


And I like my Kola Peninsula! Numerous rivers, streams, lakes. I like our nature, although the climate is harsh and the summer is short, there is also winter fishing.)))


@Blueridgeflyguy Mike, I went to VPI &SU back in the early 70’s. I drove by Roanoke, VA many times. My brother-in-law married a girl out of Salem,VA. He attended Roanoke College for his undergraduate degree. I have fished North Creek several times in the past (back in the 90’s). This is a beautiful area. There was a Biology teacher, Mrs. Joan Groves, who taught at the high school back in the 70’s to early 80’s. I worked with her for a number of years teaching Biology. You are a lucky man. This is a great place to live.

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Planning a move to AK in '27 or so. Possibly just outside of Anchorage, or possibly on the Kenai Peninsula - Soldotna area.

Just GMTFO of the PRK.