WTB, a few yards of Jamieson Shetland Spindrift yarn

Hey all!

I’m simplifying/minimalizing my fly tying this year After good success with Jamieson Oyster flavored Killer Kebaris, Killer Buggers, and Utah Killer Bugs, I have decided to go with only yarn, thread, and brown stiff hackle flies. (Ill keep some black maribou around for the buggers).

I’d like to buy some yarn, but really don’t need a whole skein of 118 yards or whatever they come in. I know lots of yall have tons of the stuff, and I was wondering if anyone has ~5 yards/meters of extra yarn they’d be willing to sell to me. I’m looking for four colors: more Oyster, a nice Black, brown, and a nice green for caddis larve type flies.

Im not sure how much to offer, does Paypal $10-12 shipped sound reasonable? Thanks!

Carl Anderson
carl.anderson25 AT gmail dot com

You mean like this?


Frankly, I buy the 118 yard ones because they are not very expensive and I think the benefits of having it onhand out weigh the negatives.


Yeah, i saw that 6 pack and almost got it, but the only colors i like in it are the oyster and green.

The Purple Haze and Sunrise are also very nice.

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@arrowrand I agree about the purple haze. I was suspicious at first, but it works really well.

I also agree with @Gressak, the full skein is worth it. I use it faster than I thought I would.


Did anyone fix you up with some yet?
If not I’d be happy to send you some oyster. I’m never going to use what I’ve got, no charge, just promise to help someone else someday… :relieved:
If that’s ok just get your mailing address to me
Put tenkara in the title so I’ll open it

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Thanks a ton @jamezu, but Chris already hooked me up with some Oyster and brown. I’m just on the hunt for some black and green now. :+1::+1:

No problem!

Let me know what you need I’ll send you some. These are the colors I have:


Ohhh rad collection! I’d totally take some Leprechaun, Grouse, and purple haze. Shoot me an email at carl.anderson25 at gmail dot com at your convienience. Thanks!