WTB a short rod

looking for a shimotsuke or tiny ten or anything else under 180cm or 6’. any working condition is fine.


I bought a tiny ten and wouldn’t recommend it. Just way too stiff for my taste.

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Although I have not had a Shimotsuke Kiyotaki 180 I did used to own the 210, 330, 360 and 390. All were excellent rods and only sold for health reasons.
I can recommend the 210 which if gripped differently should easily work as a 180 where the situation requires it.

I have a new, unused Tiny Ten.
No reasonable offer refused.

I think that you will find that the majority of short rods are stiff. The TT10 is stiff, but this may be an asset in small brush choked streams when a fish must be wrestled out with a rod having sufficient backbone.

Barry Kustin

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Hi wat are you asking for your tiny 10 is it a one or two thanks Mark

i bought Barry’s tiny ten. he has another thread listing some of his rods for sale. send him a private message with your phone number. he will call you in a few days and discuss what he has. he’s a nice guy and super helpful.

Hi Neil_young thanks for letting me know Mark

I can’t post a wanted ad for a while, but if anyone has an air stage 240 habukai medium I’m interested!

@mikegibson I would recommend deleting the post with your phone number and sending it as a PM, as this can be seen by the whole world.