WTB (maybe) Suntech Kurenai HM33R

Greetings, I’m just putting a feeler out to see if anyone has a Kurenai they are interested in selling. I planned on getting myself one this month as a father’s day present, but I talked my wife into buying a new vise instead. I’m almost certainly going to order one from TB eventually. Wanted to check here first.

I hope you find one. I have a 30/33/39/45. I love them, particularly the 33.

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Hello. I have an HM 30R for sale if you are interested.

I’m interested in HM30R if still available!

I have an Kurenai HM30H if your interested, I had both and really couldn’t tell the difference.
I excellent +++++ condition. Original box too.

Do you still have the HM30H and how much is it? cheers, g2

I’m interested if you still have it.

I sent you a message.

I may have a HM39R that I’d part with if anyone is interested. Idk if Chris still has replacement parts, but if I recall correctly, they use the same blanks so you can shorten a longer Kurenai with your choice of replacement handle.