Yamame110's Method to Prevent Tenkara Rod Sticking

Prevention of tenkara rod sticking

I’ve not tried this. But only once have I had a little trouble getting a rod to collapse.

His blog also often has interesting things. His 3 main interest seem to be Tenkara Fishing, Tanago Fishing and His Honda Cub.


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Mostly is see Honda Cub written as ホンダーカブ, but maybe the Honda Cub 110 is also called the Hunter. However, it’s an early model Trials motorcycle at the top of the page.

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Thank you David. The tip to prevent sticking is very useful and does work well. Until your post I had forgotten all about it. When I bought my first carbon fly rod in the early 1970s it was the practice to rub the male joint with a candle to prevent sticking. I did that for years and never had any rod sticking. I must start doing that again.


:joy: That it reminded you of past effective practice.

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So, putting a little candlewax is really safe? Are there any rodmakers here who will verify? I can’t sfford to ruin my rods!


Have a look at these links,

If you do a website search you will find many references to anglers carrying a piece of candle wax with them to wax the joints. If you follow the link above to Sage’s site you will see they make reference to the use of candle wax. I think that should put your mind at rest should you decide to wax your tenkara rods with candle wax.


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Thank you David, that’s wonderful, I think I’ll be seeking out some paraffin next time I’m at a hardware shop.

I would worry a little that grit might stick to the wax - I’ve been warned that some little bit of grit at the joint can cause failure of tenkara rods at the joint due to stress from improper seating of the joint.

I cannot verify that this would be the case - but it’s a thought that I have regarding adding anything to the rod

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That’s a fair observation…not to let grit/sand/dirt get inside the tubes and cause scouring or jamming of joints…hmmm.